3 Fall Outdoor Party Themes

Guys.  I have great news!  Fall is (almost) here! September 22nd is the first official day of the fall and it is right around the corner. The season of “Pumpkin spice and weather-so-nice” is upon us!  This is my favorite time of year to host outdoor parties.  I thought it would be fun to round up some themes/ideas for a PERFECT outdoor autumn soiree. Theme #1: So-Long Summer! Why not host one last summer time...Continue reading

10 Quick Tips to Help You Plan Your Next Party

So you want to host a party?  Not sure where to begin?  Here are 10 steps to get you started on your party planning adventure: Set a date. Pick a venue. Set a budget. Make a guest list Send out those invitations! Plan the menu, including beverages that will be served.  Decide on what equipment you will need; including rentals. Entertainment: games, music, etc. Tableware and Serving dishes. Decorations! Let me explain: Setting the Date:...Continue reading

Texas Frozen Tropics’ 1st Post

Do you love Margaritas? Piña Coladas? Hurricanes? These are the questions we lead with when we are asked, “What do we do?” Most people do love a great frozen beverage and that is why we exist. We are so glad you found your way to The Texas Frozen Tropics Blog. This is Greg (operator) and Jill (owner) of Texas Frozen Tropics, LLC and we have lived in the Spring area since 2006. Things you can expect...Continue reading

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