33 Random Acts of Kindness

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“Random Acts of Kindness Day” is February 17, 2022.

We are more than half way through February already.  This means that my birthday is right around the corner.  I was trying to think of a fun and unique way to celebrate my 33rd birthday and I came across the idea of performing 33 Random Acts of Kindness.  As I started to look into this idea, I discovered that February 17, 2022 is “Random Acts of Kindness Day.”  How perfect is that?  So, I decided that I would share the 33 Random Acts of Kindness that I plan on doing so that maybe YOU could participate in spreading some kindness as well.

Kindness is Free.

There seems to be so much bad going on in the world right now.  Every time I turn on the news, stories of war and violence and illness fill the screen.  It is exhausting to be inundated with this type of negativity all the time. Why not carve out at least 1 day to try to spread some love and kindness?  I am going to set a budget of $100 to spend on my Random Acts of Kindness.  However, you don’t have to spend a dime.  Smiling at a stranger is free.  Holding a door open for that mom pushing her stroller is free.  Telling your cashier at Target that they are doing a great job is free!  It as simple as that.

I hope you can find some inspiration here.  During my research, I found the Random Acts Of Kindness website which has a treasure trove of ideas. They even have monthly calendars with daily Random Acts of Kindness you can perform. Check out their website here. 

Kindness is free, but to be the recipient of kindness feels like a million bucks.

33 Random Acts of Kindness

  1. Buy the order of the person behind you in line.
  2. Smile at everyone you walk past.
  3. Leave quarters at a gumball machine for a unsuspecting kid to find.
  4. Leave random giftcard on the windshield of a car.
  5. Take cookies to your neighbor.
  6. Clean out closet and donate the clothes.
  7. Donate to your local food pantry.
  8. Pick a charity to make a financial donation to.
  9. Leave a treat/note for the mailman.
  10. Let someone cut you in line at the grocery store.
  11. Write a letter to your spouse letting them know how much you appreciate them.
  12. Send a random text to a friend you haven’t talked to in awhile to let them know you’re thinking of them.
  13. Make and deliver a care package for the homeless.
  14. Tip a little extra (at the grocery pick up line or a restaurant).
  15. Donate dog/cat food to your local animal shelter.
  16. Give a stranger a compliment (I know this can feel strange but it can really brighten someone’s day).
  17. Pick up trash at your local park.
  18. Take the time to write a good review for someone’s service that you liked. 
  19. Donate blood (if you are able).
  20. Take flowers to a nursing home.
  21. Mail an actual handwritten card to your grandparents or parents.
  22. Leave a happy, encouraging note on someone’s windshield.
  23. Tape some money to a vending machine for a free snack on you!
  24. Try not to complain to anyone for an entire day.
  25. Send a gift to your child’s teacher.
  26. Hold the door open for someone.
  27. Leave $1 bills in 5 different bins in the dollar section.
  28. Be a friendly driver.
  29. Make dinner for a friend.
  30. Leave happy, encouraging post-it-note messages in random books at your local book store.
  31. Take your neighbors trash can back up their driveway at the end of trash day.
  32. Slip a $10 bill in a box of diapers at the store.
  33. Shop local-go to the farmers market and buy produce from a local farmer instead of the grocery store.

Here is a Kindness To-Do list for you to print out and put in your car or on your fridge to remind you to perform your Random Act of Kindness:

I challenge you to start with a few of these Random Acts of Kindness but don’t stop there.  Make kindness a priority. You may change a person’s day with one act of kindness but you could change your whole mindset by focusing your energy on others instead of yourself.


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