Texas Frozen Tropics National BBQ Month

BBQ Essentials for National BBQ Month

May is National BBQ month! There isn’t much of anything that we Texans love more than our BBQ.  My husband is obsessed with mastering the perfect ribs and brisket. Not only is BBQ delicious to eat, the actual act of barbecuing is a beloved hobby as well. It is an experience, not just a meal. To celebrate National Barbecue Month, I am sharing some of our family’s BBQ essentials, including a family side-dish recipe.  If you ain’t from Texas, you may not understand the obsession we have with BBQ.  However, once you get a taste of Texas BBQ, you will get it.

Favorite Seasonings:

Here are a few of our favorite BBQ seasonings. I will link each one under their pictures:

National BBQ Month Favorite Seasoning
From Left to Right: Angelo’s Beef Bar-B-Que Seasoning; TexJoy Steak Seasoning; The Salt Lick Original Dry Rub
National BBQ Month Favorite Seasonings
From Left to Right; Meat Church BBQ Holy VooDoo; Bad Byron’s Butt Rub; Meat Church BBQ Holy Cow BBQ Rub

Favorite Cook Book:

This is my husband’s favorite, most well-loved BBQ Essentials cook book. Myron Mixon is the “Winningest Man in Barbecue.” His recipes have never disappointed us when we have made them at home. His Zesty Potato Salad Recipe is our absolute FAVORITE potato salad recipe of all time. From meats to side dishes this book has it all.

Linked here: Smokin’ with Myron Nixon

National BBQ Month Cook Book

Favorite Side Dishes:

I am going to share 2 of my favorite side dishes (apart from the afore mentioned Zesty Potato Salad in Myron Mixon’s Book). One is a cherished family casserole that was a part of every 4th of July BBQ celebration growing up. It is my Grandmother’s Rice Casserole. See below:

National BBQ Month Rice Casserole


The next side dish recipe I am sharing is a classic: Baked Beans. This is the recipe that I have used the last few times I have made this dish.  I will link it here: Easy Baked Beans Recipe. Also-I should note…to save time, there is no shame in heating up a can of Bush’s Baked Beans in a pinch.


I think it is important to make sure you have the perfect, refreshing drink to go with your BBQ feast. Keep it light and fresh. Texas Frozen Tropics has some delicious frozen drink options to cool down your hot summer BBQ. Click here to book your machine today. Check out my picks for the perfect drink pairing to go with your Texas BBQ:

National BBQ month classic margarita Texas frozen tropics

National BBQ Month Lemon Texas Frozen Tropics

National BBQ Month Watermelon Texas Frozen Tropics

All of our flavors can be found here: Flavor Offerings

I know your mouth must be watering. If you need more BBQ inspiration, you can watch BBQ Brawl on Food network.  There is also a plethora of BBQ cooking shows on Netflix as well. Whatever you do, don’t let National BBQ Month pass you by without enjoying some delicious BBQ wherever you are!



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