Mommaw’s Easy Chocolate Pie

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Mommaw’s Easy Chocolate Pie Recipe

Well, we’ve officially made it to my favorite time of year.  Welcome to the HOLIDAY SEASON, y’all! Family traditions, delicious food, being around people you love, cooler weather and did I mention delicious food? Ha! A family tradition that I am solely responsible for is showing up to our Thanksgiving dinner with Mommaw’s Chocolate Pie in hand. I am pretty sure my family would send me home if I came without it.

I have fond memories of making it with my grandmother when I was young. I will always remember the time I got to spend with her in the kitchen. Every time I make her pie, I feel like I can hear her standing over me reminding me to “temper those eggs, no one wants scrambled eggs in their pie.” I would roll my eyes but what I wouldn’t give to hear it from her one more time. Here is the original recipe in her sweet handwriting. A framed treasure in our home.

Now, this pie is a huge hit every time I make it. So, because I love you guys, I’m going to share this beloved recipe with you. Before we get started, here are a couple of tips for you:

  1. Don’t have time to bake a pie crust from scratch? No worries. Buy the store bought one. No one cares. However, on Thanksgiving a couple of years ago, all of my grocery stores were out of that perfectly pre-packaged pie crust so I scoured the internet trying to find an easy pie crust recipe and I landed on this one from the Pioneer Woman. It’s simple and delicious.
  2. I always make my own whipped cream for this but you certainly don’t have to. If it’s straight from the squirt can, it will still be delicious.

I hope you enjoy this pie as much as my family does! Let us know in the comments some of your family traditions!


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