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TFT: Looking Back on 2022

As we look forward to a new year, we can’t help be look back on 2022 with so much gratitude here at Texas Frozen Tropics. For this month’s blog, we thought we would tell you a little bit about our last year including our rentals, our growth, our products and our hearts for this community. At the center of it all is a desire to do our job well and serve our customers with a gladness. Please enjoy our post- TFT: Looking Back on 2022.

Who We Are…

We are a small, family owned business in Houston, Texas area. The owners, Jill and Greg , are Texas natives who have 2 children. Jill is a teacher and Greg now works in the corporate world after several years in education as a teacher and coach. They both are fun-loving and kind people with servants hearts. They want to make your experience with TFT as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Where You Can Find us…

Homes and Restaurants. We offer daily machine rentals for your events but did you know that you can also find our machines in local restaurants all over the greater Houston Area? Check out these spots and enjoy a frozen drink from a TFT machine:

  1. El Big Bad
  2. Fabian’s Latin Flavor
  3. Ducky McSchweeny’s Irish Pub
  4. Ivy House Houston

Our Machines:

We are building our inventory of machines as the business grows. Currently, we have 10 I-pro 2 machines and 1 Donper xf124 machine. They are professional quality machines that are sure to take your party to the next level. The machines are cleaned meticulously between clients and have maintenance performed regularly to ensure proper functioning. Each machine dispenses up to 2 flavors of your choice. Once the machine is set up and turned on, the drinks freeze and are ready for service within about an hour or so.

We would love for you to book a machine and test them out for yourself!

Texas Frozen Tropics Machines

How Did You Hear About Us?

Referrals. That’s right…good ol’ fashion WORD OF MOUTH is the way we get most of our customers. This is why we strive to do our best and be the best. We want you to tell your friends about us. We also drum us business through web searches and the occasional social media click. Maybe you have even seen us driving around town in our TFT Truck!

Tropic Thunder

Over the last year, we had a total of 142 machine rentals which is a 31% increase from the year before! Our goal for the next year is to see that number increase even more. With over 40 “5-star” reviews on Google, we believe our service is top notch and hard to beat. Loyal customers that keep coming back and referring us to their friends are what we live for! TFT is here for you and all your drink rental needs!

Texas Frozen Tropics



We have over THIRTY premium flavor options. Our most popular flavors are Margarita and Blue Raspberry (for the kids). All drink mixes are alcohol free until you provide the alcohol and we mix it for you on site. But, did you know that we have a Vanilla Cream Mix that literally tastes like vanilla ice cream. Mix it our Texas Cola flavor or Root Beer to make a classic FLOAT. Y’all, it is so good and is great for kids parties.

Check out our list of flavors here: TFT FLAVORS. 


Looking Forward

At Texas Froze Tropics, we feel so lucky to serve you. It is our privilege and pleasure to do so. To our loyal customers, THANK YOU. We continue to see growth because of you and your recommendations to your friends. To our new and future customers, we look forward to working with you and making your experience the best it can be.  Bring it on, 2023!

happy new year

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