5 beach hacks for your family

5 Beach Hacks for Your Family

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Bring On The Beach!

It is officially beach season! Here in Texas, we spend a lot of time at the beach. Although it is fun, it is also a lot of work when you have kids. Sunscreen, sand removal, snacks…the list goes on and on. Preparation is key. I have compiled a quick list of 5 Beach Hacks for your family to make your summertime even sweeter. These simple hacks can save you time and frustration. Check it out!

Baby Pool

You read that right. Bring a baby pool for the little ones to splash in while the big kids enjoy the ocean. Make sure you have a bucket on hand to scoop the water to fill up the pool. This hack has been a life saver for us over the years. My oldest now enjoys boogie boarding and swimming in the ocean but my two youngest are still too small to participate with him. The baby pool is the perfect set up!

5 Beach Hacks for your Family

Baby Powder

After air drying, apply a generous amount of baby powder to your sandy areas: hands, feet, even between your toes. Rub the area where the baby powder was applied and watch that stubborn sand just fall right off. The baby powder absorbs moisture on the skin and the sand has nothing to stick on to. It is one of my favorite hacks. It is very inexpensive too!

5 beach hacks for your family

Use a Makeup Brush to Apply Sunscreen

One of the hardest things to do for me as a mom is to adequately apply sunscreen to my tiny humans’ faces. They squirm and pull away. It’s a hot mess. Not any more! A friend of mine told me about this hack. Use an inexpensive makeup brush to apply sunscreen to your kids’ faces. It is soft and goes on so smoothly that my kids don’t fight me when I am applying it anymore. Try it for yourself. It is a game-changer!

5 beach hacks for your family

Don’t Forget Your Laundry Basket

I have a small red laundry basket that we take with us to the beach for the toys. When they day is done and you’re cleaning up, throw all of those sandy toys or towels into the laundry basket and give it a good shake. No more piles of sand making their way into the back of your car! Then, once you get home, the towels can go straight to the laundry and the toys can go get a good hose down before they get stored away for the next beach trip.

5 beach hacks for your family

Hand Washing Station

If you intend to spend all day at the beach, at some point your family will need to eat. There’s nothing more annoying than using sandy hands to eat a sandwich, making everything gritty and gross. One way to prevent this is to set up a hand wash area. Keep a bottle of water (that you have NOT stored in the cooler…brrr) and a bottle of hand sanitizer in a spot that will stay sand free .We usually put it on the tailgate of the truck or the back of the golf cart. This way, you can splash your hands with clean water, dry off with a clean towel, and sanitize those germs before eating!

5 beach hacks for your family

I hope these hacks make your life a little easier this summer. Get outside with your family and enjoy the sunshine. Make memories that you can cherish forever!


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