7 Tips to Have the Best 4th of July EVER!

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Let Freedom RING!

July 4th is one of my favorite holidays. It’s a “no-pressure” kind of holiday. No gifts to give. No major dinner to prepare. Just fun, food and fireworks. You can get as red-white-and-blue as you want to. Today, I am sharing 7 Tips to have the best Fourth of July ever. With these 7 tips, you are sure to celebrate Independence Day to the fullest.

Patriotic Cocktail

Get the celebration started with a cocktail or mocktail, whichever you prefer. Strawberries and blueberries are the perfect compliment to many cocktails to make your drink fit the red, white and blue theme. If you’re hosting a crowd, maybe you should consider renting a frozen drink machine from Texas Frozen Tropics! You could choose one blue colored drink mix and one red colored drink mix to really wow your guests!

Here are a few of our red, white and blue flavor options.

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Make a Patriotic Dessert

Who doesn’t love a sweet treat? Thankfully for us, there are a plethora of beautiful and delicious festive 4th of July desserts. From popsicles to trifles, everyone is sure to satisfy their sweet tooth on this national holiday. Check out this gorgeous, mouth watering recipe from the Pioneer Woman.

Fourth of July Trifle
Red, White, and Blue Trifle courtesy of pioneer woman.com

Attend a Parade!

This is such a fun tradition to start with your family! Every year, there is a 4th of July Boat Parade around the Lake that my parents live on. We make sure we never miss it. Boats decorated in red, white and blue light up the lake as they circle around waving and playing patriotic music. We deck out the kids in patriotic garb and give them glow sticks to wave as they watch the boats float on by.

A lot of down town areas or even small towns will have fun parades in the morning for everyone to enjoy! Check out your city’s Facebook page or city’s website to see if they may be hosting a parade this year!

4th of July parade
Watching the Boat parade last year

4th of July parade

Make a Patriotic Craft

My go-to holiday crafts are wreaths. Let me tell you, there are some awesome tutorials out there in cyber space for some gorgeous 4th of July wreaths. You can choose to get crazy with your kids, too! My kids have never met a craft they didn’t like. I think they enjoy making the mess more than anything.

Here are a couple of fun crafts you could enjoy making with your family this year:

Fourth of July Craft
How precious (and easy) are the Fireworks Rings from Fantastic Fun and Learning?


4th of July Craft
A cute wreath that even your kids could help with!
Patriotic Star Wreath Craft via The Resourceful Mama

Host a Patriotic Dress Up Competition

I would say that most people that we celebrate Independence Day with show up in true Red, White, and Blue fashion. Why not take it to the next level? Make it a competition. Designate a couple of judges and give prizes for best dressed. I wonder if anyone will have an Uncle Sam or a Statue of Liberty show up to their party?

Play a Fun, 4th of July Game

Every heard of capture the flag? Maybe the flag can be an American flag as the flag you must capture?

You could also play “flag hunt” where you hide small American Flags around your yard or home. Each flag could have a number that corresponds with a prize! You can find these flags at dollar stores everywhere during this time of year.

USA Trivia, perhaps? Etsy has some instant download trivia games for you and your guests to enjoy! The possibilities are endless!


Finally, I want to encourage you to enjoy the fireworks. Find a local fireworks show to attend to create your own. This is always a crowd pleaser. However, if you are shooting off fireworks of your own, make sure you take all the necessary precautions to keep you and your guests safe!


Happy Fourth, Friends!


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